Rockets and Rainbows

Privacy Policy


Who can see our information?

The only people that can see any of your information, is our website host (GoDaddy), Paypal and ourselves.

What information do you keep?

We only have access to addresses for delivery of items, this will be the postal address that you have inputted at the checkout. 

We have your email address if you have signed up to our website for our special offers and you may periodically receive an email regarding any special offers.

Do you have our payment details?

No. Your payment details are stored within Paypal and we only have access to your email address that you use for Paypal.

How long do you keep our information for?

Once we have completed your order, we leave your invoice in a folder for 6 months incase any issues should arise, then it is destroyed, along with the postal receipt that is matched with your order.

I don't want to receive any emails from you

Just drop us an email! and we will remove you from our system!

Any other questions, please do not to hesitate to contact us.