Rockets and Rainbows

About Us

Welcome to Rockets and Rainbows

Rockets & Rainbows is made up of Charlotte and Becky! 

Charlotte worked as a gym instructor before having her two children Clark and Kendall. She decided to start Rockets and Rainbows after becoming frustrated with the high street trends. Charlotte is covered in all sorts of tattoos, from superheroes, band art work and lyrics, so you can guess what she does in her spare time! 

Becky is a slave to retail! Previous to R&R and having her little boy Rafi, she worked in retail as store manager for 9 years! Obviously the day to day of retail hasn’t scared her away enough as she’s fully on board with this venture but she does listen to far too much 80s electro music.

We really wanted to bring something to Bourne that it didn’t have and we really hope that Bourne wants us! We don’t just do childrens tshirts, we do adult tshirts, tshirts for events and parties as well as accessories like hats, bags, bows and toys! 

In the coming months expect to see more of the handmade skirts and leggings we’ve previously done, as well as hand designed fabrics! Please help support the other small brands we have on our shelves in the shop. We currently have 5 wonderful businesses on the way that range from personalised wall prints, handmade leather embossed flasks and luxury candles. 

Pop down and see us, we are always welcome to a friendly conversation!

We have a lot of fun and enjoy what we do and sincerely hope we can carry on for some time to come! 

Love Rockets and Rainbows x